A paper for a conference, Myth Today, in Istanbul. I talked about film, theater, a rock opera and the iOrpheus Project. There is more to the myth than Orpheus' marriage with Eurydice. He was from Thrace, now Turkey and he made  as much by playing as listening.

"Philadelphia is unique and that in no other American city are people so demonstrably and irrepressibly animated to visually, tactically and performatively represent sound and music."  Or, so I argued in this paper, later published int he collection, American and the Musical Unconscious.

I had the great experience of attending dozens of productions by Robert Ashley and his various Bands. Over the years we talked a number of times and he graciously shared his time and papers with me. Bob  liked most of what I wrote about his work  (especially the piece on Music With Roots in the Aether)  and was there when I gave this paper in a series on The Sonic Arts Union. He said he always though questions were important to consider in song and for the voice.  


Arthur J. Sabatini is Associate Professor of Performance Studies in the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, School of Arts, Humanities, and Cultural Studies at Arizona State University. I have a PhD from the Department of Performance Studies, New York University and was a founder of the Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance degree program. Other positions I have held were at New York University, Drexel University, and The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. My general area of specialization is 20th and 21st century studies in the arts and culture, performance theory, philosophy, literature, avant-garde histories and experimental music, film and language in performance.  I teach a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses that survey, explore or blend these topics. Their titles include: 20th/21st Century Avant-Garde and Experimental Traditions; Art, Media and Technology; Verbal Art (Myths, Tales, and Song); Theories of Language, Culture and Performance; Art and Politics; Art and Film; Modern Thought (Honors College); and Aesthetic Research.

My research concentrates on contemporary, individual artists, collectives and selected projects and performance. The consistent themes in my work are in the areas of Performance Studies and Aesthetic Research. In term of performance studies, I explore interdisciplinarity and the cross-currents, interrelationships and transformations that have evolved in the worlds of contemporary performance. This includes artistic productions and careers in theater, new music, poetry and performance, social practices. I have also engaged in academic program development at ASU.  Artists I have written about include a number figures, such as: composers John Cage and Robert Ashley; poet and translator Armand Schwerner; playwright and director, Lee Breuer; musician/composer/author, Fred Ho; and Arizona based social practice artist, Gregory Sale. (See CV for publications and conference papers.) Aesthetic Research deepens theoretical and historical aspects of performance and interdisciplinary studies with investigations and reconceptualizations that address how artists engage in research and the relationships between aesthetics, performance, research processes, institutions and knowledge. Various published articles and conference papers elaborate these themes, including: “Approaching knowledge, research, performance, and the arts, "Avital Ronell's The Test Drive and Performance" and "The Aesthetic Research of Bill Ravenesi."  I am currently collecting these and other writings into a book length study, titled, Aesthetic Research: Theory and Practice in the Arts for the 21st Century.

I use AJ Sabatini when writing, performing and otherwise being involved in Creative Activities and Productions.